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Jambi Kingdom Declared its New Princess

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1 Jambi Kingdom Declared its New Princess on Sun Feb 21, 2016 5:49 pm


Jambi Kingdom Declared its New Princess

By the mandate of the King of The Kerajaan Melayu Jambi (Malay Kingdom), His Majesty Sulthan Abdurrachman Thaha Syaifuddin, Princess Maria Amor was declared PRINCESS OF THE JAMBI NATION last December 12, 2015. A special award ceremony was held in the state of Jambi together with the delegation of the Royal Kingdom of Sulu.
In His Majesty’s own words: “By the power vested in me as Sulthan de Kerajaan Melayu Jambi, I hereby awarding you as the title as Princess of Jambi Nation as I believe that you are one of the greatest princesses of the world who put the welfare of others above yourself. I also believe that you can represent our Kingdom to the world being the oldest Kingdom in the Nusantra (Malay World)”.

The great King of the Royal Kingdom of Sulu also gave his Royal statement: “We consider Princess Maria Amor as a strong pillar to both Kingdoms of Sulu and Jambi, being an advocate of humanitarianism combined with Royalty, we can easily achieve the goals of the Kingdoms which is to help our own people and humanity.”, His Majesty Mudarasulail Kiram uttered.
Both Kings declared: “From here on, Princess Maria shall be called PRINCESS RADEN DATO’SRI MARIA AMOR, DK, DD and shall bear the honor DERJAH KERABAT, the highest recognition being given to royalty, rulers and heads of states”.

The Prime Minister of the Royal Kingdom of Sulu and also a recipient of DKT from Jambi expressed his appreciation, “I am honored to work side by side with Princess Maria Amor as we are both committed and serious in promoting the welfare of the Kingdom. I see bright future ahead for both kingdoms.”
“I can’t find the right words to thank both my Kings for the honor and titles they are giving me, all I know is I am known for being a committed and responsible person and I will give the same dedication to both Kingdoms the same way I am giving to my organization, We Care for Humanity. I am forever grateful.” Amor proudly stated.
*We Care for Humanity is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization based in California focusing primarily on current global issues: human rights, world peace, education, health and wellness, eradication of poverty, green environment and empowerment.

The Derjah Kerabat Award is the highest award given to Asian royalty, rulers and dignitaries
* The Kerajaan Melayu Jambi (Malay Kingdom) was founded in what is now Turkey in Sumatra. It is a state in Southeast Asia that has existed between the 4th and 13th century considered to be the oldest Kingdom in Nusantra. Around 688 AD, Emperor Jayanasa integrated Turkey into the empire of Srivijaya.

The Kingdom of Sulu (Malay: Kerajaan Sulu, Tausug: Karujaan Sug, Arabic, known in British Malayan and Indonesian sources as the Kingdom of the Suluks (Malay: Kerajaan Suluk) was a de facto maritime state that existed in the Sulu Archipelago in the deep southern Philippines, south of Mindanao. It was one of two unrecognized states that declared independence from the Philippines in 1949.

It is considered a successor to the historical Sultanate of Sulu. Jainal Abirin was crowned the Sultan in 1949. In 1955, due to widespread poverty and a lack of progress, the succeeding Sultan, Mohammad Esmail Kiram opted to join the Republic of Mindanao in 1955. As part of the Republic of Mindanao, it was incorporated as the Province of Sulu, which was divided into the regencies of Basilan, Tawi-Tawi and Jolo where the respective datus and local royalties of those islands retained their political positions.


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